What is the Anarchist Cookbook 
The Anarchist Cookbook, by William Powell, is a 160 page book, originally published in 1971 by Lyle Stuart. It is currently published by Barricade Books under ISBN 0-9623032-0-8. (Note that the name is not the "Anarchist's Cookbook"; there is no possessive in the name.) You can buy it from the online bookstore amazon.com. You can also easily order it (or any other book in print) from your local bookstore. Give them the ISBN above and you should get it in a few weeks. Alternatively, you can send $22 (includes postage) to Barricade Books, PO Box 1401, Secaucus NJ 07096. Other mail order places also sell it, such as Paladin Press.
Fringe books  
Some other books related to the Anarchist Cookbook. Note that these books are likely to be just as dangerous and unreliable as the Anarchist Cookbook. However, they may be entertaining reading.

The Poor Man's James Bond by Kurt Saxon, Guerrilla's Arsenal : Advanced Techniques for Making Explosives and Time-Delay Bombs by David Harber, The Anarchist Arsenal : Improvised Incendiary and Explosives Techniques by David Harber, Homemade C-4 : A Recipe for Survival by Ragnar Benson, Highly Explosive Pyrotechnic Compositions : How to Make Them, How to Use Them by Peder Schultz.
Books on responsible pyrotechnics and explosives.  
Some of the books that the rec.pyrotechnics FAQ recommends for responsible pyrotechnics are Chemistry of Pyrotechnics and Explosives by John A. Conkling, Fireworks : The Art, Science, and Technique by Takeo Shimizu, Fireworks Principles and Practice by Ronald Lancaster, Pyrotechnics by George W. Weingart, and Chemistry of Powder and Explosives by Tenny Davis. Unfortunately, only the last two are books that you could actually afford.

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I have no connection with the Anarchist Cookbook other than writing this review. I support the right to read such books, but actually doing anything from them is stupid, dangerous, and illegal. More disclaimers here.

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