What files can I get online? 
This page reviews some of the online files that are similar to the Anarchist Cookbook.

The Anarchist Cookbook V (the only thing in common with the original Anarchist Cookbook is the name). Also known as the BHU Pyrotechnics Cookbook; a superset of the Jolly Roger Cookbook: counterfeiting, lock picking, explosives, bombs, revenge, vandalism, hacking, killing, drugs. I'd have to classify this book as fictional; the author is apparently an antisocial high-school student making up most of this based on things he's heard. It contains obviously unworkable explosive plans such as the auto exhaust flame thrower and the fertilizer bomb. This is one of the worst online books.

The Big Book of Mischief: explosives, propellants, bombs, ignition devices, firearms, rockets, cannons, pyrotechnics. Includes theory and safety information. This is one of the better online cookbooks I've seen (but I still wouldn't make anything from it).

The Terrorist's Handbook (Gunzenbomz): explosives, lock picking, ignition devices, projectiles, rockets, cannons, pyrotechnics. Doesn't seem as good as The Big Book of Mischief.

Anarchy Cookbook aka the Anarchist's Home Companion: "introduction to the anarchial arts, theft, destruction, weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics." It has obvious ideas for the antisocial: spraypainting graffiti, bricks through windows, shoplifting, torturing cats; and the sort of explosives a teenager would invent after too many action movies: the "ammonia pellet" napalm bomb and the C-4 detonated by a mousetrap. This is another of the worst cookbooks.

Black Books aka Improvised Munitions Handbooks: improvised explosives, bombs, firearms, timers, etc. This is an online version of the US Army Technical Manual 31-210. You can get it in original book form with lots of diagrams for from various sources, such as Sierra Supply (303)-259-1822 or republished from amazon.com. On the positive side, these formulas are allegedly tested by the government, rather than invented by bored teenagers; on the negative side, since they are intended for improvised wartime use don't be surprised if you blow yourself up. If you're a crazed survivalist waiting to defend against invading Soviet tanks, this is the book to have.

You can use your favorite search engine to find other related files.

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