This applet allows you to select colors using one of several color models: RGB, HSV, HLS, RGBY, and RBW, and shows the conversion between RGB and one of the other models. The top three sliders control R,G,B, while the bottom three sliders control the other color model, which can be selected from the button. Numeric values may be entered into any of the windows.

The RBW color model is one that I invented to be convenient and intuitive. The sliders have their neutral position in the middle. By moving a slider, you can add red, green, blue, yellow, black, or white. These colors combine in the intuitive way, e.g. pink is Red+neutral+White, orange is Red+Yellow+neutral, red is Red+neutral+neutral. See: ``The RBW Color Model,'' Computers & Graphics, 17(5), Sep. 1993, pp 597-602.

This color selector displays the color as an image on the left and as a Java Color on the right. Thus, if you have a 256 color display, you can see both what the color really looks like and how it is mangled into the Java color model.

Unfortunately, you don't have the Java language, so you can't see it work.

The source is here.

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