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Pilot .pdb creator/extractor. Convert .pdb files to/from normal files.
Pilot Bitmap Editor. Edit bitmaps for the 3Com PalmPilot.
PCFFont: use exciting new fonts or foreign fonts from Java.
Learn: Get drilled in a foreign alphabet: Thai, Greek, IPA, Farsi, Cyrillic, Japanese, or Hebrew.
Banner: draw a banner with a new font.
Gene maps: explore the Mycoplasma genitalium genome.
Liven up an image with marquee lights. [Gamelan's Best Java] Rated Top 25% WebApplet by JARS
A Mandelbrot set fractal viewer.
SharkLine: a horizontal separator with a shark. Teach Yourself SunSoft Java WorkShop in 21 Days cover
BugEyes: turn the Clintons into space aliens.
Try the new RBW color model and select colors using this color selector.
ChannelSurfer: surf web channels with ease. Rated Top 5% WebApplet by JARS Rated Top 100 WebApplet by JARS [Gamelan's Best Java] - CGI-JAVA-PERL and Much More!
StatsGraph: AIDS statistics graphing program. Rated Top 5% WebApplet by JARS [Gamelan's Best Java]
Turnablock: play turnablock against the computer.
Try to solve the rolling cubes puzzle. Rated Top 25% WebApplet by JARS [Gamelan's Best Java] Kids have not rated this site

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