AIDS Theories

Many theories about AIDS have been posted to the internet. I have investigated some of them as part of my curiosity of strange theories on the Internet. This set of web pages summarizes my findings. (Much of this stuff I have posted before or contributed to the FAQ.)

My theory of how HIV evades the immune system

Lack of CpG dinucleotide motifs in HIV helps prevent the immune system from detecting HIV.

My Java AIDS graphing page

I have a Java program to graph the CDC's AIDS statistics. It allows you to select various categories and graphing methods.

What are the theories that HIV is manmade?

Jakob Segal, Robert Strecker, and John Searle have theories that the US government made HIV in the 1970's from visna (a sheep virus) and some other virus, such as BLV or HTLV-I.

More information on the visna theory and why it's wrong.

Duesberg's theory that HIV is a harmless virus

More information on Duesberg's theory that AIDS results from drug use and some glaring errors in his papers.

The Florida dentist

A Florida dentist and several of his patients came down with AIDS. Look at the genetic sequences to see the evidence that the patients got it from the dentist.

HIV doesn't exist?

There is a strange theory that HIV doesn't exist at all.

HIV originally from polio vaccine?

The theory that HIV was introduced in polio vaccine and the reasons against this theory.

AIDS is spreading fastest in <<insert group here>>?

News reports are full of scare headlines that the highest risk of AIDS is in women/ men/ children/ gays/ straights/ young/ elderly/ whatever, based on dubious statistics. I've collected some of these reports.

Montagnier and AIDS?

Does Montagnier, the (co?-)discoverer of HIV, claim HIV doesn't cause AIDS? Of course not. I have the details.

How many HIV infections in the US?

A survey estimates 550,000, but is often wrongly interpreted as 550,000 outside risk groups. Details here.

Do condoms leak?

Do condoms have pores that HIV can leak through? Maybe.

Are heterosexuals at as much risk from lightning as AIDS?

Recent newspaper articles say so, but these comparisons can be misleading. See details here.

What the NIH says

The NIAID / NIH has a bunch of publications on HIV and AIDS as well as a long publication on the relationship between the human immunodeficiency virus and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

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