HIV doesn't exist?

The latest bizarre theory is that the HIV virus doesn't exist at all. Here is some information on that.

Strangely enough, Duesberg strongly disagrees with this theory:
"HIV has been isolated by the most rigorous method science has to offer. An infectious DNA of 9.15 kilo bases (kb) has been cloned from the cells of HIV-antibody-positive persons, that - upon transfection - induces the synthesis of an unique retrovirus. This DNA "isolates" HIV from all cellular molecules, even from viral proteins and RNA. Having cloned infectious DNA of HIV is as much isolation of HIV as one could possibly get. The retrovirus encoded by this infectious DNA reacts with the same antibodies that cross-react with Montagnier's global HIV standard, produced by immortal cell lines in many labs and companies around the world for the HIV-test. This confirms the existence of the retrovirus HIV." - Dr. Peter Duesberg, Continuum Magazine 1996.

Ken Shirriff:
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