Japanese fonts

This page illustrates how the PCFFont class can be used to display Japanese text without worrying about what browser or fonts are being used by the person viewing the page -- the Java applet looks after the fonts. Note, however, that the Kanji font is very large and slow to download. Also note that there are several types of Japanese encodings; this program handles JIS and EUC.

This page uses the DrawText applet, which simply reads in a text file and displays it using the specified font. In this case, the text file is part of some information from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To use this applet, you first need to unzip pcffont.zip into a directory "pcffont". Next, you need to copy the appropriate font into a directory "pcf". (For Japanese, the font is jiskan16.pcf.) Next, get DrawText.class. Next, create your text file (in this case japanese.txt). Finally, add an applet tag to your html file; the following tag generates the above text.

<applet code="DrawText.class" align=middle width=620 height=300>
<param name="file" value="japanese.txt">
<param name="font" value="pcf/jiskan16.pcf">

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